Spring Barn Vineyard is a small family run vineyard, which has been in production since 1990. Located near Lewes in beautiful East Sussex, the vineyard has a total of three acres of vines made up of three varieties.

English Wine from East Sussex

Muller-Thurgau, Ortega and Reichensteiner are all white varieties of grape which are used individually or blended to produce light, fruity wines of dry, medium and sweet taste and also a delicious pure grape juice.

Wine made from fully ripe Muller-Thurgau grapes acquires an attractive muscat-style favour and a pleasing bouquet reminiscent of peaches.

Ortega grapes can produce wine of outstanding quality with a bouquet reminiscent of peaches.

Grown in our comparatively cool British climate, Reichensteiner grapes produce a light, refined and delicate wine with a most attractive bouquet.

But don't take our word for it... Try it for yourselves!

Meridian Vintage

In 2000 at the time of the Millennium celebrations, with focus generally on the Greenwich meridian it seemed appropriate to introduce our Meridian label depicting the line recognised internationally as zero degrees longitude, since Lewes town lies on the Meridian some 50 miles south of Greenwich.

The Vineyard

Visitors are welcome to make an appointment to view the vineyard and taste our wine - we have a small shop for tasting and sales.